Monday, June 24, 2013

Ginger's "Popstar" cake

My daughter is a "Barbie Princess and the Popstar" nut! 
For her 6th birthday I created this cake to go with her 'Popstar' party.

I got some ideas online and altered my version of the cake to go with the "Barbie Princess and the Popstar" colors.  One of the things I found online that I liked was the idea of draping the cake stand with fake jewels.  Easy & super cute! I didn't even have to purchase anything for it.. just used one of my daughter's play necklaces and it really dressed up the cake stand.

We went with chocolate on chocolate ... every 5/6 year old's favorite... right?!
Once the cakes cooled I did a buttercream crumb coat.
My new favorite recipe is marshmallow fondant!  It's easy to make, easy to work with and it actually tastes good!  I've never tried a fondant I liked before making this one and now I'll never go back! Some marshmallows, a couple of tablespoons of water in the microwave, add some powdered sugar and you've got a yummy fondant!

Being the amateur baker that I am... I've found the easiest way to cover imperfections in the edge/base of your cake is adding a cute border (small balls, ribbon/bows, etc...).

I cut a six out of pink fondant and used a star shaped cookie cutter to make the stars for the bottom tier.  I wanted to incorporate Barbie into the cake but didn't feel confident in creating something out of fondant or buttercream so I printed out a color picture of Barbie and her 'Popstar' friend and used it as the cake topper.
The finishing touches were some music notes and "Ginger" written using black frosting. 
And here is my little Popstar about to turn six years old!!
Happy 6th Birthday Gigi!!