Friday, February 5, 2016

Junior Football: End of an era

My son played junior football for 6 years (since he was 8 years old) and it has become a fun tradition for our family.  We loved watching him play!  Over the years his passion for Lacrosse has grown & grown so he's decided no to play football at the high school level... instead, to focus on Lacrosse moving forward.  I fully support his decision, but it will be sad not watching him play in the fall! So, knowing this last year of 'junior' football would most likely be his last year to play the sport, I decided to go a little bigger, more special for the "end of season" dessert.  No cookies or cupcakes this time... this event deserved more of a centerpiece cake... so here it is....

I ended up making two tiers of cake.  The bottom I covered in green fondant to represent the field and using white fondant I made yard lines and cut out numbers for the markers.  I covered the top tier with brown fondant and using white fondant I made the football laces.  The cake was topped off with a green "W" to represent our Woodinville Junior Falcon Football program and using blue tinted buttercream I piped on "2015 Varsity" (the last level of play for our junior league) and also piped small dots around each tier of cake to finish it off.