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Sunday, May 18, 2014


One of my favorite things is to do cakes for my kid's "end of season" sports parties!  It's so fun to do sports themed cakes or tailor a cake to go with a specific team.  With Lacrosse season coming to a close it was the perfect time to play with marshmallow fondant a little bit and also
to try out my alphabet cut-outs!
I've found it very difficult to cut letters out of fondant... making them all the same size and having them actually look nice... not easy!  Then I saw some alphabet cutters at the craft store:

We are the "Woodinville Falcons" so I did a bunch of little green & blue W's to go on the cupcakes. I was worried about denting or creasing the fondant if I tried to pop out the W's with my fingernail, so I decided to try a Q-tip to push them out and that worked great.

For the Lacrosse head I used marshmallow fondant to shape the head, shaft and to make a little Lacrosse ball.  Then I piped in white mesh and used blue fondant for the shooting strings. It would have been nice to give it a more 3-D affect on the pocket by doing the mesh out of fondant and letting it harden, but I wasn't sure it would work.  I may have to try that next time!
Go Falcons!!

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