Friday, November 18, 2016

50th Birthday Cake!

Simple, classy look for a 50th Birthday cake:

I love how everything turned out.... except the "quilted look" I was trying to achieve on the top tier!  But... that's why this blog is called "Tales of an Amateur Baker"... I am still learning!  .... so, two lessons I learned on this cake:
1) DO NOT skip putting dowels in the bottom tier of the cake!  Just because you're doing a smaller cake... don't get lazy and skip this step.  It's absolutely crucial to provide support for the upper tier or your cake could sag.... mine did!!
2) Research the quilted look more!  There are tools out there and lots of different ways to get this effect.  My cake looked ok close up, but I would have preferred a more polished look.  I plan to try again, but will do more research before attempting it.
All in all, I'm pleased with the general look of the cake and it's always a plus when I learn something I can apply next time I'm decorating!

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