Thursday, November 17, 2016

Falcon Footbal Dessert Dash Cake

It's always exciting when I'm asked to donate a cake.  It makes me feel good to help the community and I feel honored to be able to participate!  Back in September our local High School Football team had a fundraiser going on that included a "Dessert Dash" auction and this is the cake I made to donate to that event:

To explain the theme a little:
It's been almost two years since one of our local kids was killed in a random act of violence.  Parker Moore, a 20 year old Woodinville High alumni attending Linfield College in Oregon was at a 7-11 store at night and happened to get stabbed.  Parker died later at the hospital and this tragedy really seemed to unite our communities (Linfield College and Woodinville).  There are shirts with the "Woodinville 44/Linfield 35" logo on them and Woodinville Football uses #44strong consistently in support of Parker.  They've even developed a new tradition of passing down the number 44 jersey to a certain selected player each year... someone the coach feels embodies the characteristics that Parker always showed (playing with intensity, generosity towards others, and leadership). 
As a Woodinville resident (and the Mom of a son who played Junior Football here) I think this is a great tradition and a wonderful way to honor Parker's memory.  Based on all this I decided to do a "44strong" themed cake for the dessert dash.  It was fun to create and knowing it made some money to help out our local Football team makes me feel good!!

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